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Kelly is a true extension of our HR department. The ability to understand our culture and work environment gives her the ability to really find the right person. Her tenaciousness and detail orientation are key in filling open positions quickly and efficiently.

Brian McGinty
Human Resources

To Those Considering SPU Services –

Kelly Martin and SPU is a vital adjunct to our company’s HR Department. Kelly consults with our executive team to profile the candidate that would best satisfy the competencies our open position requires. She works through her staff to quickly source and recruit well educated candidates, screening for just the right experience, and matching their expertise to our specific needs. During the selection process, Kelly presents several excellent candidates, schedules interviews, assists with referencing, mediates any pre-offer negotiations, and follows-up to assure a successful placement has been made. Kelly’s hard work earns every penny of her fee and we find the placement expense validated many times over through the addition of quality staff and the freedom it gives our executives to sustain focus on the business we know and do best

We value Kelly’s high energy, upbeat attitude, professional demeanor, business savvy, and her thoughtful personal touch. She provides just the right solutions we need for the process of staffing our growing company. We recommend Kelly and SPU highly for your consideration.

Don Buckingham
VP Operations, Perio Inc.

Kelly does an excellent job understanding our company culture & what we are looking for in our employees. Every candidate that she sends is a person that we either hire or gets very strong consideration. In addition, she is extremely prompt with follow up & helps to keep me moving forward with the hiring process. I would highly recommend Kelly to any company, large or small, that is looking for extra support in this highly competitive marketplace.

-Mike Steele (Manager/Transportation Company)

Kelly has really helped the recruiting process by learning about our company and gaining a solid understanding of our culture and then bringing us quality candidates that will fit our culture. Kelly manages the recruitment/hiring process well from beginning to end leaving nothing to question. All requests or questions about candidates are answered in a timely manner never slowing down the process. It has been great working with Search Point Unlimited/Kelly to meet our recruiting needs.

Alissa A. Durbin
ADS, Inc.

Kelly Martin has been my personal search specialist for more than 12 years. She not only responds quickly to my requests, but also takes the time to know my business and the kind of person that makes my business work well. We are only as good as the people we hire, and Kelly makes sure that we have the very best in the industry.

Donna Stevenson
Senior Vice President
Northwest Title

Employees are such a key to having a successful business and thankfully I have had Kelly Martin’s assistance along the way. Over the last 5 years we have worked closely together and she has helped bring my company and dozens of job seekers together. I manage a very unique business so trying to find qualified candidates is often a tough task. The thing I admire the most about Kelly is the effort she puts forth no matter what type of employee is needed. She takes the time to understand exactly what I am looking for and then goes out to find them. There have been times when the right candidate has not surfaced for weeks. Most recruiters would start getting frustrated……but not Kelly. Her aggressiveness continues and eventually she prevails. There has never been a time when a position I have needed filled remained vacant. She is all about pleasing her clients and her candidates. Without Kelly’s assistance it’s hard to say where the company would be today.

Mark Austerman
Area Manager