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Potential Candidate Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:    How long will it take to find me a new position?

A:    The length and success of the search process varies for each individual. The success of the placement depends on the search assignments that Search Point Unlimited is actively representing and how an individual's qualifications match the search criteria. We cannot guarantee placement, but will fairly and confidentially represent each candidate to our fullest capacity.

Q:    Do I owe a fee if Search Point Unlimited places me?

A:    No, our fees are paid by the employers that hire our candidate. Our services are free to our job seekers.

Q:    What if I find a job on my own?

A:    Candidates represented by Search Point Unlimited are not obligated in anyway to be employed through us. An individual can conduct a job search and accept employment at any time outside the efforts of Search Point Unlimited relationship. Our goal is for the job seeker to find the right opportunity, whether that be through our placement or their own efforts.